Nicaragua Finca Verona RFA

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  • Natural Process
  • Yeast Fermentation
  • Strictly Hard Bean (SHB), European Prep (EP)
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • City++/FC - DARK Medium roast

From my guy Eduardo and the good people at Nicavio, I'm happy to offer this Anaerobic Natural coffee from Finca Verona in Nicaragua.

• It's a big, dense bean, beautifully uniform. I took it right up to the edge of 2nd crack, dropping it right as those first couple of early developers start to be heard

• HUGE body of this cup. It sticks around for a long time. Lower acidity. Slightly rustic. Reminded me of this stone-ground unsweetened chocolate we got in Mexico a few years back. The earthiness fades as the cup cools, and you can better notice and appreciate its honey-sweetness.

• I also picked up spicy notes, like a high-quality black pepper. (You know how a really good pepper is almost floral and sweet before you notice the spiciness underneath? Like that.)

Really nice as a single origin espresso!  Excellent for drip and French Press, as well.  As much as those drinkers will appreciate its low acidity, that's the same reason it struggles as a cold can get hollowed out & taste flat.  HOWEVER, it would make a fantastic base coffee for a cold brew blend, mixed with something a little lighter, fruitier, and/or more exotic.  My Ethiopia and Colombia immediately come to mind.