Bali Blue Moon

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  • Roast Level - City ++
  • Process - Wet- Hull
  • Region - Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia
  • Volcanic Soil Grown
  • Certifications - Organic, Rain Forest Alliance

These farmers are growing coffee the way it should be.  Maintaining both Organic and RFA certifications is no easy task.  The end result is well worth it, however.

If you like Sumatran coffees, but wish they'd back off just a little bit, this is your bean.  Sumatra's "cleaner, classier cousin", this coffee from the paradise that is Bali gives you the big, bold flavors you expect from Indonesian, Wet-Hull coffees, without the earthiness that are typical in Sumatrans and with a much cleaner finish.  

Delightful all around.  Mild, but sweet, acidity.  Deep chocolate underneath it all.  Just a hint of smokiness. Nice caramelly sweetness.