Colombia Huila Excelso - Organic

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Origin - HuilaColombia 

Elevation- 1600-2000 masl

Producer/Coop - ASOBOMBO, ~50% women-owned

Varietals -  Caturra,Tabi, Colombia, Pink Bourbon and Geisha

Process - Washed and fully sundried


High demand for a light roast led me to this magnificent bean.  

Undeniably bright acidity.  So much juicy fruit...depending on brewing method and temperature, you might get lemony/yuzu citrus, white grapes, and/or pear.  Good, juicy pears that need 3 napkins to clean up afterwards.

Lovely, lively light roast.  Incredible as a pour-over & drip.  Works great in a cold brew, but I'd want to add something like my Vietnam Lotus or Anaerobic Natural Nicaragua to give it a little extra depth.  I haven't tried it as an espresso shot yet, but the washed process and my light roast lead me to think it'll pull pretty thin.