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    • Decaf Papua New Guinea, Eastern Highlands
    • Washed, then Swiss Water Process for decaf
    • Varietals: Arusha, Bourbon, Mundo Novo
    • Green Bean Certifications: Organic, Kosher, Halal


    This is a reference for my American customers who attended public school as kids:

    Do you remember the brownie they would very occasionally grace us with at lunch? That weird, dry, cakey thing that we were so happy to get, like 3 times a year?  OK.  Hold that flavor-memory. 

    This first sip of this Decaf Papua New Guinea coffee reminds me of that brownie.   But in the best way possible for coffee.  This is a chocolate-forward coffee. Even at my medium roast point, I'd put it at a bittersweet chocolate over semisweet, mainly because of that perceived dryness upfront.  

    As the cup cools, you'll realize the dryness was just an illusion.  You should pick up mild pink -> red berries (strawberry or raspberry) and a creaminess (mascarpone, maybe creme fraiche because of the acid) that, together, hit like a strawberry shortcake or berry parfait. (Yeah, I just went there.)

    Lovely coffee.  That just happens to be decaf.



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    Inflection Point Coffee