Democratic Republic of Congo - Fair Trade Organic - Natural

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  • Arabica
  • Natural/Dry Process
  • Blue Mountain varietal
  • South Kivu Region - Katana Station
  • 1450-1750 masl
  • City+ Roast level

This coffee was such a pleasant surprise!  Like Vietnam, D.R. Congo has long been known as a producer of Robusta coffee.  It currently accounts for approximately 80% of the coffee grown in the country.  Arabica coffees, like this one, are primarily grown in mountainous far eastern regions of the country around Lake Kivu. 

The quality of the coffee is undeniable.  What's been most striking to me is the impressive depth of flavor, even at light roast levels.  This is not the bright, fruity or floral Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee you might be used to when you think specialty African coffee. Oh, no.  Tofee.  Dark Chocolate.  Toasted/dark honey - lovely natural sweetness.  Blackberry. Yes, even at this lighter roast level.  I drop this one right at the end of 1st crack, in case you're interested.