IP Organic Espresso Blend

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I've finally figured this one out.  After several unsuccessful attempts at just roasting a coffee extra dark and calling it "espresso," I realized I needed to go back to the drawing board and rebuild my espresso from the ground-up.  

I re-read every resource I have about espresso, and particularly about blending for espresso, when lightning struck.  All of the pieces fell into place.  I knew what I needed to build.  My IP Espresso Blend was born!

The latest recipe is all Latin American and all ORGANIC 

  • ~65% Natural Brazil and Washed Colombia
  • ~35% Honey Honduras and Washed Bolivia

Chocolatey. Caramelly.  Sweet (for espresso). Juicy. Balanced.

This is tasty espresso!  Absolutely divine on its own, but you won't offend me if it winds up in a latte or cappuccino.  

I've also brewed it as a dark drip coffee and a very smooth iced coffee.