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    Generally speaking, after the coffee bean (seed) is removed from the coffee fruit (cherry), the leftover cherries are mulched/composted and used to nourish the trees the next season or year.  

    Sometimes, folks, sometimes, the coffee cherry is closely inspected and the best/ripest are put aside to dry.  Those dried coffee cherries can then be made into a "tea" (yes, I know, tea is a species of plant and that if the beverage doesn't contain said plant, it technically shouldn't be called "tea", but the people who complain about that are the same ones who quibble over almond or oat "milk", so I don't really care what they think). 

    In any case, the tea is delicious!  Tart, bright, fruity - you'll understand why the fruit is called a "cherry" - and (best part) caffeinated.  Only about 1/4 the caffeine of brewed coffee, but still enough for a nice little mid-afternoon perk-me-up.  

    Hot is my preferred method (4min steep), but iced (maybe with ginger beer or prosecco) is perfectly refreshing!  

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    Inflection Point Coffee