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  • Raja Batak Peaberry
  • Wet hulled
  • Roast Level - City ++

If you know and like Sumatran coffees, you'll love this one.  It has the characteristics you expect from a Sumatran coffee - big body, bold flavors, and earthiness.  Being a peaberry, however, it's naturally denser and sweeter than most coffees from the region.  I also find it to be a cleaner coffee than most Sumatrans.  While it's still earthy, you don't go too deep into the mud. 

This is a wonderfully complex coffee.  Layers upon layers of flavors.  I get sweetness like you find in darker fruits, like figs and dates.  Sweet, but with depth.  There's a nice acidity to this one, too.  Kind of like the tiny bit of tang you get from the skin of a black plum - it's there, but mainly serves to accentuate the coffee's sweetness.   

The small size of the coffee bean really limits the roasting level.  My medium roast (according to roasting time and drop temperatures) results in greater weight loss than my darkest Vienna roast on any other bean.   Luckily, that roast level also results in a truly terrific tasting coffee.  

Going to miss this one when it's gone.