Vietnam Lotus

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  • Roast Level - City ++
  • Process Type - Washed
  • Other - SHG (Strictly High Grown)
  • Varietal - Arabica - Catimor
  • Region - Dalat

Vietnam is the world's 2nd largest coffee producer, but over 95% of the beans that come out of the country are of the Robusta family.  They're higher in caffeine and more bitter than their sweeter Arabica cousins, less susceptible to disease and pests, and grow at lower elevations that make them more accessible to more of the country.  They're primarily used as filler for espresso blends (not mine) or for making freeze-dried coffees. 

These beans, however, are a gorgeous Arabica coffee, Strictly High Grown (1400-1500m).  They mature more slowly, which allows for the development of sugars and delicate floral or fruity tasting notes that are defining characteristics of a good Arabica bean.  This coffee, at this roast level, brings the milk chocolate and nutty notes that made my old Honduras so popular.  It's mild and easy drinking.  Reminds me of old-school chocolate milk, but in the best possible nostalgic-positive way possible. 

I ADORE this coffee.